“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.”
David Frawley

Ayurveda is an ancient integrative system of medicine originating in India, that offers simple and practical methods to maintain harmony and balance within the person and in his/her relationship to the environment. It is a preventative method, based in a five element theory, recognizing that each individual has a unique constitution (or elemental nature).

Ayurveda then utilizes proper daily and seasonal routines (including the use of herbs, massage, exercise & delicious, nutritious cooking) specific to each individual. Ayurveda teaches us that we are intricately and delicately woven into the fabric of nature and that we need to cooperate with all of life to ensure balance and well-being.

Ayurvedic Services:

Ayurvedic Consultation – An initial 2-hour consultation includes extensive inquiry into History and Symptoms, as well as Physical Assessment through observation of tongue, eyes, face, pulse and dosha. Recommendations are given to help balance and may include changes in diet, herbal support, body treatments, yoga, meditation and gentle cleansing.
Cost: Initial Consultation ~ $165/ Follow up ~ $95

Ayurvedic Consultation with Jyotish – Jyotish is Vedic astrology, translating as ‘light’ or ‘heavenly body.’ In this consultation, I analyze the birth chart to determine the person’s prakriti or elemental constitution and possible vrikriti (imbalances), along with a thorough history intake and physical assessments. I then offer suggestions for balance through the use of herbs, yoga, mantra, meditation or dietary changes.
Cost: $225

Abhyanga – Traditional Ayurvedic full body massage using warm herbalized oils that penetrate deep into the tissues to help loosen and release toxins at a cellular level, enhancing immunity, circulation and creating deep relaxation.
Cost: $120

Hrid (Heart) Basti – Ayurvedic oils are placed over the heart chakra to nourish and strengthen the heart. This treatment melts away stress and emotional grief and increases happiness and contentment.
Cost $140

Cancelation Policy:  All sessions require 24-hour notice of cancelation, otherwise client will be charged full price for missed sessions.

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