This is a perfect time to Reset and to emphasize Self Care. To support and encourage you, I am offering Two Specials.

Full Abhyanga & Pichu, followed by the Steamy Wonder Treatment: $130 (normally $150)

In this treatment, you will receive:

Abhyanga ~An Ayurvedic Massage using warm herbalized oils that I personally make, specific for the Spring Season. This is a deeply nourishing full body treatment with emphasize on Head, Neck, Shoulders and Feet & helps the body begin the detoxification process for Spring Pichu ~ A palliative treatment for the Nervous system. A warm cloth is soaked with appropriate oils and is placed over the forehead. This soothing treatment is excellent for headaches, stress, nervous tension, insomnia and any disturbance of the Cranial nerves due to Vata imbalances. Steamy Wonder ~ A modern adaptation of the Steam Box used in India, the client lies comfortably on the massage table. The body is inside the steam tent with the Head resting out. *This is important to keep the head cool while the body steams. Benefits include Vibrant skin, Relief from Allergies and Relief from General Body Aches, Weight loss and Improved Digestion


Shiro, Mukha & Pada Abhyanga with Pichu:  $108

This treatment begins with a soothing Foot soak in salts and appropriate essential oils. Then while the client rests comfortably on the massage table, they receive an Ayurvedic Head (shiro), Face (mukha), Neck & Shoulder massage followed by Pichu (Warm cloth on the forehead). This treatment ends with an Ayurvedic foot (pada) massage and energy work.

Make your own well-being a Priority.

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