Fall Transitions


blog9_17The light is once again shifting as we transition into Autumn. And, although we easily forget the connection, in our busy distractions, we cannot escape how deeply rooted we are to nature. As we drop into the Fall Season, we have a choice ~ We can either flow with Nature or start the uphill climb. Everything is in its final stage of growth and abundance ~ plants going to seed, leaves beginning to change color, the light fading….and yet if we continue with our noisy, busy, clamoring pace, we will feel the negative effects (fatigue, restlessness, lack of sleep, digestive issues, anxiety).

Personally, this is often my favorite time of year, to disappear from work for a day or two and hike up near Lockett Meadow, to watch the Aspen in their final glory. It is a beautiful time of year to hike in the cool early mornings and enjoy our mild daytime temperatures, but as Ayurveda teaches us, it is also a vulnerable time if we don’t pay attention to our lifestyle routines and diet. As the heat of summer subsides and the cool dry air increases, it is an important time to draw inward, to gently cleanse and to nourish ourselves before the dark of winter.

To support you in these transitions I am offering the following:

  • Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse on October 9th at the Yoga Room in Prescott from 5:30 – 7: 30 pm. In this class, we will go over basic tips on seasonal eating, daily routines, and gentle cleansing to keep yourself healthy as we shift into the Fall season. $25. Must preregister/Space limited
  • Ayurvedic Fall Retreat on Saturday, October 20th at The Yoga Room in Prescott from 9 am – 1 pm. This is a gentle silent retreat that will include Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Mantra to help balance and nourish for the Fall season. It will include a delicious Ayurvedic meal appropriate for the season. Cost is $75 or $65 each if you sign up with a friend.
  • Triple Bliss Massage Special ~ If you are ready to deeply support your health, your body and your nervous system, take advantage of this special I am running until Nov 15th, 2018. This treatment is called Bliss Therapy for a reason. It includes a full Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) followed by Shirodhara treatment and Svedana (Steam therapy) for $200. (Savings of $25). Book early as I do book out at least 1 month.

And, as always I appreciate each and every one of you


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