My Yoga Story

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Yoga, for me, has been a wild ride – one I would not have missed for anything.  It has terrified me, destroyed me and ultimately, saved me (from my own mind).  It taught me how to breath, pay attention, touch the earth and to love. It has shown me that we are not just physical, 3 dimensional beings and at the same time, we are human, we are messy and we are beautiful.  As Osho said – “First you must love and have compassion for the self and then pay attention” …  If you just pay attention, without the love, you will continue to think (as all good religions encourage) that there is something inherently wrong within – and there isn’t.  Or as Vendanta states we are SatChitAnanda – Truth, Knowledge, Bliss Absolute.

This is the truth of our beings ~ and all other ideas of original sin and lower/lesser nature is ultimately nonsense.  I have had the privilege of studying with and learning from many great teachers ~ Some known throughout the US and India, some no longer in body (like Swami Vishnu and Ramakrishna) whom I never got to meet, but whose presence I feel continually within me and then some whom I never learned their names ~ like the man I sat next to on a train in Mumbai ~ who taught me mantras and mudras that I still use today (which profoundly helped me through some difficult times).  I have also been blessed with the ‘Ugly’ side of Yoga ~ the dark teachers ~ the ones that lore me down to the core, taught me what I did not want to emulate and ultimately gave me the greatest lesson in freedom.

When all your desires are distilled You will cast just 2 Votes – To Love and to be Happy.  Rumi

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